Pretentious Pilots - Donkey Tees

By Larry Writes

Pretentious Pilots

Oh, dear. It seems like some pilots are getting a little too high on their own supply. Literally.

Yes, we're talking about those pilots who look down on people. Not only in the figurative sense, mind you, but in the literal sense too. You know the type - the ones who are always peering out of the cockpit window, looking down on us mere mortals as if we're ants scurrying about.

Sure, they may have the fancy uniforms and the cool aviator shades, but let's be real here - they're just glorified bus drivers in the sky. And yet, some of them seem to think they're better than us. Maybe it's the altitude getting to their heads?

Well, we're not here to judge. After all, it must be tough flying around all day, dealing with turbulence and air traffic control and whatnot. But let's just say that if we ever meet one of these pilots on the ground, we'll make sure to look up at them with an appropriately deferential expression. Because hey, we may not have wings, but we're still pretty darn awesome down here.