The Disaster Master's - Donkey Tees

By Larry Writes

The Disaster Master's

Oh, the Party Planning Committee (PPC) from The Office - they always managed to turn every event into a hilarious disaster! The latest party was supposed to be a celebration of the company's anniversary, but things quickly went off the rails.

First, Dwight insisted on having a "battle reenactment" of the founding of the company. He dressed up as Michael Scott and pelted everyone with crumpled up papers. Then, Kelly decided to bring her own karaoke machine, which meant there were two different songs playing at the same time.

But the real chaos began when Creed decided to bring his homemade moonshine. Suddenly, everyone was stumbling around like a bunch of drunken fools, and HR had to intervene.

Despite their many mishaps, the PPC continued to try to organize events, each one more ridiculous than the last. From beach parties to costume contests, they never failed to entertain (and sometimes embarrass) the entire office. Let's just hope the next committee takes some notes from these lovable party-planning disaster-masters.