About Us

About Us: Or Rather, About the Donkey Behind the Tees

Greetings and salutations, DonkeyTees aficionados and soon-to-be fans (because let’s face it, resistance is futile).

So, you stumbled upon the legendary domain where cotton meets wit, a place conceptualized way back in the primitive era of 2006 in the high-tech hub bubbling with creativity, a parent’s basement in Cincinnati, Ohio. Yeah, you read that right. We started from the bottom (quite literally), now we’re here.

What is "here," you ask? Well, “here” is a place where daily shipments ferry waves of humor across oceans, mountains, and sometimes, even to the house next door. “Here” is where pop culture and the finest threads come together in a tango of hilarity, forging the weapon of mass distraction we call – a DonkeyTee.

We specialize in inducing double-takes, spontaneous giggles, and occasional beverage offers from strangers utterly fascinated by your impeccable taste in apparel. Our shirts have powers. They are conversation starters, ice breakers, and yes, certified wingmen, paving your way to that “Can I buy you a drink?” situation, more times than you’d expect.

At DonkeyTees, we believe in the profound philosophy of “You only live once, Get Noticed.” Our mission, therefore, is grand yet simple: to ensure your one-time ride on this planet is drenched in humor, punctuated with hearty laughter, and peppered with nods of approval from people who just get it, because they see the donkey in you.

Quality? Top-notch. Prices? Reasonable. Humor? Through the roof. Pop culture references? More than you can shake a stick at. That’s the DonkeyTees promise, sealed with a bray of approval.

Have queries, wisecracks, or an irresistible urge to chat with a fellow humor connoisseur? Hitch a ride to our Contact page and let’s talk tees, or better yet, the philosophical underpinnings of a good pun. We’re all ears (like, donkey ears).

Remember, life’s too short for boring clothes. Be the donkey — bold, spirited, and slightly cheeky.

Your fellow donkeys at HQ, signing off with a hee-haw and a heart full of humor.