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By Elliott Fisher

Why Coming To America revolutionized comedy movies

"Coming to America": A Landmark Film That Revolutionized Comedy Movies

"Coming to America" is a classic comedy film released in 1988, directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy. The movie tells the story of an African prince named Akeem (played by Murphy) who travels to Queens, New York, in search of a wife who will love him for who he is, rather than for his wealth and status. Along the way, he encounters a variety of eccentric characters, each with their own unique quirks, and learns about the complexities of life in America.

When "Coming to America" was first released, it was praised for its clever writing, memorable characters, and of course, its star-studded cast. Eddie Murphy was already a well-known comedian at the time, but this film elevated him to the status of a comedic legend. He is a master of physical comedy and his performance in "Coming to America" is a testament to his talent.

But "Coming to America" isn't just a great comedy movie because of its lead actor. It was also a landmark film in terms of the way it changed the landscape of comedy movies. Before "Coming to America," most comedy movies were predictable, formulaic, and aimed at a narrow demographic. But "Coming to America" broke the mold by offering a fresh, unconventional approach to comedy that spoke to a wider audience. It was a movie that everyone could enjoy, regardless of their background, and it paved the way for future comedy films to be more inclusive and diverse.

The film's cultural impact can still be felt today, as "Coming to America" continues to be a beloved movie for many people. Its humor is timeless, and its themes of love, acceptance, and finding one's place in the world are still relevant to audiences of all ages. In a world that often feels divided, "Coming to America" serves as a reminder that we can find common ground through laughter and love.

In conclusion, "Coming to America" is a true comedy classic that revolutionized the way we think about comedy movies. Its impact on the film industry is undeniable, and its timeless appeal continues to make it a favorite among audiences of all ages.