Obviously You're Not A Golfer

By Larry Writes

Obviously You're Not A Golfer

Obviously you're not a golfer." Ah, the iconic line from the classic movie "The Big Lebowski." But let's be real, not everyone is cut out for the green, and that's okay. Some of us prefer a different kind of ball - a bowling ball!

There's just something about the sound of the pins crashing, the feel of the ball in your hand, and the thrill of a perfect strike that can't be beat. Plus, let's be honest, bowling alleys are a lot less intimidating than a golf course.

So, the next time someone gives you grief for not being a golfer, just smile and say "nope, but I'm a heck of a bowler." And if they still don't get it, just pick up your ball and show them how it's done. After all, as the Dude himself said, "the dude abides." And if that means trading in the golf clubs for a bowling ball, so be it.